Get-The-Spec feeds run on the world's most powerful Product Information Management platform

Manufacturer data of all kinds feeds into Pimberly

  • product codes & descriptions
  • dimensions & specifications
  • images & videos
  • related products and manuals

We aggregate over 5 million data points for over 5000 brands across 3 key sectors.


Pimberly's powerful automation starts cleansing and normalising the data

Workflows and validation rules detect and correct inconsistencies and errors in the product data.

Lifecycles and approvals alert the team when product data requires human attention, and when required standards have been met.

This automation drastically speeds up the time it takes to cleanse data, allowing our team to focus on truly enriching and adding value to the product records.


Get-The-Spec product content specialists get to work

Our highly specialised team enrich and enhance each product record so it’s a complete, accurate and media-rich eCommerce ready product spec.

We’ve been aggregating and optimising product data for nearly 20 years, so we know all there is to know about how to structure product records, and what information your customers will be looking for.




Pimberly pushes out complete and optimised Get-The-Spec feeds

All your sales channels receive daily updated products data:

  • eCommerce platforms
  • internal systems
  • sales teams