We like to think of ourselves as product data experts. Here are some of the things we get asked most often.


How will Get-The-Spec improve my online visibility?

SEO is all about helping your customers to find your store and the products they are looking for. Search engines interpret customer searches and your website to try and match up the query to the right information. The more accurate and detailed information you provide online about your product range, the more relevant customers Google (and other search engines) can serve your site up to.

Can Get-The-Spec help me increase conversion in my eCommerce store?

When purchasing online, it’s absolutely crucial for customers to have all necessary information available to them to make a decision. Without the visual and sensory experience they would have in a physical store, they are relying totally on you, as the seller, to provide the information about those products that they need to have confidence hitting that buy button. Improving the quality of your product information gives that confidence back to your customers and will drive conversions for your store.

I need to get my products to market faster, can Get-The-Spec help me?

Get-The-Spec takes the hard work out of providing high quality product data, by aggregating and optimising huge amounts of data across the all the key brands and manufacturers in your industry.

Our feeds contain comprehensive and enriched product records for nearly 2 millions SKUs.

How does Get-The-Spec help me to reduce product returns?

In an ideal world people would always purchase the right product and never have to return it. But put yourself in the mind of the consumer. People usually return items because there was something they didn’t know. Whether it was size or its appearance in real life. You need to relay that information to them, through your sales team, your reviews and most importantly your website product information

What's in the data?

What is included in the data?

Get-The-Spec records all include key data including:

  • product descriptions
  • technical specifications
  • imagery
  • full product features
  • related and compatible product information
  • searchable attributes
  • marketing text

You can get full details of what’s included here. 

How many products are included?

We have nearly 2 million daily updated product records across our three key industries.

You can read more about our sector coverage here.

What if the products that I want aren’t included in the feed?

We are constantly updating our feeds so that they include the largest possible range of data for your store.

If you’ve got questions about the product range in our feeds, or want to know if can extend our range to include the products that are important to you, contact us to talk to one of our product content specialists.

Specifications & Technical Stuff

Does the data include my industry classification?

All Get-The-Spec product records are UNSPSC assigned and include EAN and UTC numbers.

All office products also include ISPC classifications.

Are EAN numbers included?

Yes, provided the manufacturer provides EAN and UTC numbers (which are used for barcodes) these are included in the data.

What is UNSPSC?

The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) is a taxonomy of products and services for use in eCommerce. It is a four-level hierarchy coded as an eight-digit number, with an optional fifth level adding two more digits.

“It is the most efficient, accurate and flexible classification system available today for achieving  full exploitation of electronic commerce capabilities.”

More info on their website.

What is ISPC?

The Industry Standard Product Classification has created a common language for classifying office products. Using the same categories and cross-referencing codes means that cleaner, more accurate product and price file data can be maintained.

More info on the BOSS Federation website. 

How is the data stored?

Get-The-Spec data is stored and managed in Pimberly, the world’s most powerful Product Information Management platform.

You can read more about this here.

Subscriptions and Trials

How much does Get-The-Spec cost?

The price is dependent on the sector database that you require.

Full info on pricing can be found here. 

Can I access sample data?

Yes! We know you’ll love Get-The-Spec, but so you can be just as sure, we’ve got sample data [link] available here.

You can also trial Get-The-Spec totally free for 30 days. 

What does the free trial include?

The free trial of Get-The-Spec includes access to a live, daily-updated. fully enriched and optimised data feed.

For your selected industry database, the trial data comprises 500 core products and all their associated accessories, making 2000 live product records.

How can I access the free trial?

You can sign up here and we will send you all the details you need to access the live feed.